Militārā krievu valoda

Russian Language School Durbe is happy to introduce to you a  new course -  ‘’Russian for Military’’ what was develoved because of increased demand for effective military communications in Russian language. The course what is both stimulating and wide-ranging in its content focus specifically on meeting the language and communication needs of military personel (cadets, sergeants, military officers, diplomatic staff, civil servants, government employees etc etc).

The school developed a special 5 module course taught on Individual or Closed Group basis and it’s designed to provide you with confidence in your ability to convey message in Russian, to broader vocabulary for discussing military and peacekeeping issues, to enable military persons to function effectively in a variety of target situations including better understaning of Russian culture, traditions and history. Each module provides a balance of vocabulary, pronunciation and specific purpose skills.

You may choose a module according to your Russian language level and needs. Russian for Military course takes place in the afternoons. Students who wish to maximize their time spent in Latvia as effectively as possible may additionaly take  Standard Russian (20 lessons per week) taught in the mornings. Standard Russian covers all aspects of the language and aims to develop students' communicative efficiency in the shortest possible time. 

Module No 1.
The Basic Module of Russian for Specific Purposes provides a motivating opportunity to learn the basics of Russian military language for A2/B1 level. It is designed for cadets and privets and includes real issues of army life. The module encloses such topics as geography and transport, training and routine, uniform and subordination. 
Topics: phonetic Russian alphabet, countries and nationalities, ranks, military transport, training principles and activities, daily routine, weapons, military discipline, military uniform and badges, subordination.

Module No 2.
The Organization and fitness Module ( Module No 2) of Russian for Specific Purposes is an impelling possibility to continue studying Russian military language for A2/B1 level. It is provided for privets and sergeants and is directed onto understanding of Russian army structure and self-defending without weapons. The module includes such topics as ranks and units, ration and exercises, illnesses and first aid. 
Topics: a career in the army, military ranks and service decorations, army units and branches, parts of the body, food and ration, physical exercises, fitness and equipment,  obstacle course, illnesses and diseases, first aid.

Module No 3.
The Technologies Module (Module No 3) of Russian for Specific Purposes is a next step in mastering Russian military language for A2/B1 level. It is provided as for privets as for officers and includes technical side of any army. The module encloses such issues as engineering and constructions, transport and gadgets, armour and maintenance.
Topics: engineering, alignmentsand positions, buildings and constructions, vehicles, aircrafts, ships, gadgets, armour, breakdown and crashes, vehicle maintenance.

Module No 4.
The Missions Module of Russian for Specific Purposes is the final step in this Course for A2 /B1 level. It is designed for as for privets as for officers and prepares to use Russian in real missions. The module has topics as peacekeeping and demining, culture and customs, escorting and convoying, radio and telephoning. 
Topics:peacekeeping: history and nowadays, peacekeeper qualities, defensing and demining, countries and nationalities, culture and customs, escorting and convoying, humanitarian aid,  route and traffic signs, Radio and telephoning, patrol and patrol kit.

Module No 5.
The Training Module of Russian for Specific Purposes is an inspiring opportunity in deeper learning Russian military language for A2/B1 level . It is designed for privets, sergeants and officers and covers training as a side of army life.  The module answers such questions as military history and alliances, schools and exercises, Russian culture and customs, map signs and rescuing. 
Topics: NATO history, alliances (countries and nationalities),  eastern military alliances, military schools, military exercises, landscape, map signs, culture and customs, rescuing.

General info:
Minimum level: A2
Modules offered: 5, lessons per module: 10
Minimum enrolment: 1 module per week
Maximums number of modules per week: 2

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