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Immersion Crash Course


If you have just a week for your Russian language course including weekends and welcome challenges, are highly motivated, hard-working and interested in intensive study process with strong, rapid progress in short time – consider our new Russian language Immersion course!


One on one

Charles Rohrbach, USA: "I thought the course was extremely helpful in furthering my studies. I came to the course having already studied Russian in other courses, however the experience offered by DURBE RLA I considered to be the most complete. I have recommended it to others and highly encourage those wanting to be proficient in Russian to consider DURBE RLA".


Business Russian

The Business Russian One-to-One module, giving useful language for everyday business situations, is ideal for professionals who need to expand their vocabulary, especially in marketing and sales, and to improve their ability to build and establish successful relationships with Russian business partners.

Russian Teachers Development course


This course is for non-native and native speakers of Russian teaching at primary, secondary, or vocational schools, at colleges and universities or at language centers for adults from Beginner to Intermediate level. It is recommended that participants have a level of Russian at CEF level B2+, B2 or B1+ (minimum B1).


TRKI Exam preparation

This challenging Russian language course prepares students for studies at a Russian-speaking university both in Latvia and abroad. The Course develops overall Russian language knowledge and skills by reaching the necessary language level, while at the same time preparing for the TRKI exam.The excellently structured exam programme with a tutor's personal approach will ensure the success of every student continuing their studies at their chosen university or school. Our staff can also assist in finding a suitable institution for future studies.

Telc exam preparation course

The Telc exam offers four Russian language certificates, covering all levels from A1-B2. Telc exams are closely aligned with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), guaranteeing international comparability of language competence, which is very important for a successful career.

Russian for Military

"Russian for Military" is a new course that was developed as a result of an increased demand for effective military communication in Russian. This course is both stimulating and wide-ranging in its content - focusing specifically on meeting the language and communication needs of military personnel (cadets, sergeants, military officers, diplomatic staff, civil servants, government employees etc).

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